The current pandemic has completely changed the way everyone gets an education. Online learning has become a primary way of study. It has forced every university on the earth to move online. Many universities have started offering online courses. It has resulted in the availability of thousands of free online courses that can be started anytime.

Today, we are introducing MOOC List - the largest collection of free online courses offered by the world's best universities. MOOC List has taken all of these free online courses under one umbrella. With MOOC List, you can discover and learn directly from the professors of the top universities. It is a great way to skill up yourself by taking the free online courses from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, IITs etc. while staying at home.

MOOC List - Free online courses and MOOC from world's top universities

MOOC List has simplified the discovery of affordable education from the best universities in the world. MOOC List is the easiest way to access quality education from the best professors in the world. On, MOOC List you can explore the free courses on 500+ topics, subjects, and fields of your study including programming, business, marketing, design, personal development, health, and so on. Along with that, you can:


Discover online courses and MOOC offered by universities across the world. Find out the type of courses each university is offering from 200+ universities.

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MOOC List has ranked each course based on the rating and reviews. You can explore the best MOOC courses of all time across all the universities.

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Ivy League universities are offering hundreds of free online courses. Explore free ivy league courses on various subjects and field of study.


Based on the country you live in, you can search for the universities that are offering free online courses in your country and in your region.  

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You can filter courses based on duration, rating, certifications, difficulty level, language.

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The mission of Coursesity is to make quality education accessible to everyone on the planet. The MOOC List will take this mission ahead.

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