Learning to play an instrument, specifically piano, improvises your memory and learning capabilities but when you seach Best Online Piano Lessons or want to teach yourself piano, there are plenty of information over the web and you will able to search out nothing over the web. Coursesity Blog is dedicated to compile best online courses in the digital world and today here we have with the best piano lessons or best piano tutorials.  Whether you are inclined towards the melodious classical music or the upbeat jazz and pop, piano is the key of your interest. Best way to learn piano starts with the knowledge to play the keyboard with the best online tutorials available for you.

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Top Piano Classes, Lessons and Courses List

  1. Pianoforall - Best Online Piano Lessons Free Software with the Keyboard
  2. The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course
  3. The Complete Piano Course - Best Piano Tutorials
  4. Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Teach Yourself Piano Write Songs and Perform Live!
  5. How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro
  6. Piano Fastlane - From ZERO to HERO with Piano & Keyboard
  7. Beginner Piano
  8. Learn to play the piano or keyboard from scratch- Best Piano Tutorials For Beginners
  9. Learn Jazz Piano Today
  10. Pianoforall - 'Classics By Ear' - Erik Satie

1.Pianoforall - Best Online Piano Lessons Free Software with the Keyboard

Best Piano Tutotials may take upto years to learn piano online. Play-by-ear & learn to read music. Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ballads, Improvisation, Classical.

In this course, you will learn about:

  1. Party time - Play-by-ear - Rhythm style piano
  2. Basic blues & rock ’n’ roll
  3. Chord magic & inversions
  4. Advanced chords made easy
  5. Ballad style & improvisation
  6. Jazz piano made easy
  7. Advanced blues, fake stride & the entertainer
  8. Taming the classics
  9. Speed learning

You start with popular  rhythm style piano (think of artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton  John, Billy Joel,  Barry Mannilow, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay, Norah Jones  and so on) which means you get to sound like a pro right from the  start.
You then expand step-by-step into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime,  Improvisation and creating your own melodies. You will even learn how to  read music AS you learn how to ‘play-by-ear’ and eventually you will be  able to play some classical pieces. There is a complete PDF ebook at the end of each section. It's very important to learn from printed instruction as well as video so that you can explore more written material after you finish the course.

2. The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course

This online piano course has been reviewed by thousands of music professional as best online piano lesson software. You can Learn piano at a go and music theory basics fast, and save big on months of initial private lessons. Finally learn keyboard!

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Play with proper piano technique
  • Understand the black and white notes of the piano keyboard
  • Play all major and minor scales
  • Read and play chords
  • Read sheet music (notes on the page)
  • Rhythmic Subdivision

The best way to learn piano is by practicing from the self. This course contains logically structured lectures which will give you a solid foundation to pursue more advanced study and if you do more practice, you can be a master of piano world.

3. The Complete Piano Course - Best Piano Tutorials

A full guide on learning how to use every single note on the piano.

With this course, you will:

  • Play anything on the piano
  • Know how to use every key signature
  • Understand music theory
  • Improvise like a pro

The complete piano is the best piano lessons available over the web. You will be able to play any kind of music in any kind of style in any kind of key signature. The material in this course will give you a step by step guide to fully learning the piano in best and easiest way.

This course is broken down into 3 different sections. Basic, intermediate, and advanced. Basic is for students who are just starting to learn the piano. Intermediate are for the ones who completed the basic section or who already have a few years of experience with the piano. Advanced is for players who have completed the basic and intermediate sections and are ready to learn the piano at a masterful level.

4. Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Teach Yourself Piano Write Songs and Perform Live!

Teach yourself piano, perform and sing your favorite songs on the piano with Piano for singer/songwriter software! Step by step, easy to follow modern keyboard lessons for beginners

With this course, you will:

  • Learn how to read & interpret chords, so you can lookup & play your favorite songs
  • Write songs on the piano
  • Accompany yourself on the piano using a variety of rhythmic styles
  • Accompany others on the piano (church, carol leading, play in a band, etc.)
  • Adjust songs to the key perfect for your voice, ending vocal strain and improving your vocal quality
  • Use musical terms to communicate to other musicians
  • Prepare for gigs and open mics using a clear process

In this course, you'll learn how to play piano as a singer/songwriter. Its a unique and best online piano lessons free method that takes somebody with zero musical experience and transforms them into a piano wielding singer/songwriter.

Every lecture builds upon the previous lecture, and it contains challenges for you to learn from.

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5. How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro

A Complete 40 Hours+ Piano Course | Learn about Scales , Chords , Playing piano by ear , Music Theory & more lessons !

With this course, you will:

  • Know how to use major chords, minor chords, diminished chords, augmented chords, suspended chords, dominant 7th chords, and secondary dominant chords.
  • Be able to play Songs by using Chords
  • How to add flavor to your chord progressions through the use of passing chords
  • Learn how to add color to your chord progressions
  • Be able to play anything in all 12 keys comfortably
  • Know all the major, minor, pentatonic, blues, and other types of scales
  • Be able to play songs by ear
  • Be able to find out the key of any song
  • Learn about modes
  • Learn about how modes can be classified into major and minor modes
  • Be able to transpose any song from any key to another key
  • Know how to modulate between keys
  • Learn about using modes to improvise
  • How to build many types of scales and also use them
  • Learn about chord progressions
  • Learn about music theory
  • Learn about Arpeggios

In this piano learning course, you will learn about how many scales and chords are built. You will learn how to be to play any song you want to play. Furthermore, you will also learn about how to figure out the chords of a song and how to play a song by using chords.

6. Piano Fastlane - From ZERO to HERO with Piano & Keyboard

The Platform's best Piano Course online lessons to play by ear & to read sheet music: from Pop or Classic to Improvisation

With this course, you will learn about

  • Getting to know the keyboard
  • Sheet music and theory
  • Pop piano basics
  • Jazz/Blues piano & improvisation basics
  • How to play by ear
  • Playing classical music
  • Expanding your repertoire

You will learn good techniques with the best selling piano course, making it possible for you to play any kind of song of any kind of genre. You will also learn how to read sheet music and other basics.

7. Beginner Piano

The Best Piano tutorials must have access to the compete knowledge of basics. This is all about Beginner Piano. It contains master keyboard fundamentals by learning popular tunes from "the best piano teacher in London"

With this course, you will:

  • Know which way is up on a piano
  • Understand good practice technique
  • Know the finger numbers
  • Play in time
  • Know the note names
  • Understand good hand position
  • Play "legato" (and know what that means)
  • Phrase melodies properly
  • Know what an "octave" is
  • Coordinate your 2 hands
  • Play with a metronome
  • Play chords

This course will teach you how to play the following pieces from memory: the riff to John Lennon's "Imagine"; the opening of Pachelbel's "Canon"; the bass line and chords of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"; Amazing Grace hands together; Happy Birthday hands together; and When the saints.

8. Learn to play the piano or keyboard from scratch - Best Piano Tutorials For Beginners

Best Piano lessons/ keyboard lessons for beginners. Complete online piano course,reading music, improvisation, music theory, chords.

With this course, you will:

  • Play songs on the piano
  • Play from lead sheets, chord sheets and sheet music
  • Start to improvise using the pentatonic and blues scales
  • Understand the basics of music theory

You will apply the theory and skills learned during the lectures in songs that you will play together with a band (play-along mp3 files and MIDI files included). This course provides you with lots of practice files (mp3 and MIDI) in all 12 keys and in several tempos included. All scales, chords and more included in handy downloadable pdf files for later reference  (with finger positions for left and right hand).

9. Learn Jazz Piano Today

Rich piano chords, bass line and improvisation using a 12-bar blues. Take your piano playing to the next level with best online piano lessons by experts.

With this course, you will:

  • Learn a 12-bar blues bass line
  • Learn professional jazz chords
  • Learn how to play chords (comping) along with a bassline
  • Learn how to improvise over the blues
  • Create your own improvisation licks (create your own music)
  • Practice tips to learn faster

In this online piano course you’ll learn rhythms, chords, accompaniments, improvisation and other techniques commonly used by jazz pianists. This online piano course is built off of the PianoWithWillie method which combines both foundational and fun’dational elements to create a well-rounded, self-expressive pianist.

10. Pianoforall - 'Classics By Ear' - Erik Satie

An innovative new way to learn Classical Piano - from the creator of best selling piano course Pianoforall

With this online piano course, you will:

  • Be able to sit down at any piano and play 3 stunning classical pieces by ear
  • Be able to play the pieces without any performance anxiety
  • Have your sight reading will improve dramatically
  • Understand how to deconstruct any piece of classical music to make it easier to play and memorise

You will learn how to take a piece of classical music apart bar by bar, section by section, and understand how it was all put together: from the musical ‘form’ – distinct sections and subsections – to the underlying chord structure, visual clues, patterns and repeats.

Similarly with Classics By Ear you will learn to play the pieces by following the videos, keyboard diagrams or ‘cheat sheets’.

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